Things to emphasize for Blaine Gabbert

As Blaine Gabbert endures growing pains, here are some things the Jaguars might want to consider out of the Next Level packet from ESPN Stats & Info:

  • Really concentrate on getting him some options between 10 and 20 yards downfield, an area I’d like to see Marcedes Lewis come to life. He’s 7-for-22 for 111 yards with a TD and a pick. Gabbert has a league worst 5.0 yards per attempt on such passes, with a NFL-worst QBR of 7.9 and a 45.8 passer rating (second worst).

  • Keep looking for screens. He’s got a 49.9 QBR and a 118.8 passer rating on screens.

  • Because mid-range stuff has been bad, he’s had to look deeper. He’s averaging 9.6 air yards per attempt. That’s tied for fifth with Tom Brady. It suggests the Jaguars are asking a lot of Gabbert, that he’s in third-and-long a lot, and that he’s been playing from behind a lot.

  • Focus inside. Gabbert’s faring way better looking to targets inside the numbers (79.9 QBR, 108.2 passer rating) than outside the numbers (9.5 QBR, 34.8 passer rating).

  • Get him outside of the pocket by design. In the pocket he’s got an 11.4 QBR and a 64.5 passer rating. But on seven attempts outside the pocket, he’s at 95.7 and 148.8.

  • Somehow convince opponents not to blitz. Against five or more rushers, Gabbert has no TDs and no interceptions, but has taken five sacks and has a QBR of 5.3 and a passer rating of 47.5.