Banged up Schaub to get some rest

Matt Schaub’s going to play Sunday in Tennessee, but he’s unlikely to practice on Wednesday.

Coach Gary Kubiak said Monday his quarterback is banged up and needs some rest. Schaub’s got hip and chest issues.

“He took a good shot one play right in his hip and then another play took a pretty good shot from the big guy (Ravens nose tackle Haloti Ngata) right in the chest,” Kubiak said. “He’s just very beat up right now. But like I said, he went out to practice and did what he would normally do on a Monday…”

“He’ll be day-to-day. I’ll probably give him a rest Wednesday like I did last week, but all indications are that he’ll be OK.”

The Texans have four more games before their bye.

One thing that would certainly help Schaub feel better is the return of receiver Andre Johnson. He’s missed the last two games with a hamstring injury. The initial prognosis was that he would miss three.

Kubiak made a Johnson return for Sunday’s big AFC South game against the Titans in Nashville sound unlikely.

“He made a lot of improvement last week,” Kubiak said. “Had a long talk with him Saturday night at the hotel. He was feeling very, very good. We’ll increase his work. I have a hard time saying right now. Maybe there’s a chance he sees the practice field before the end of the week, so I guess if that’s the case, there’s always a chance, but we’ll have to wait and see.”