Andre Johnson talks about timetable

While the initial expectation was that Andre Johnson would miss three games, he said in a recent radio interview it could be as much as six weeks.

“I’m headed in the right direction,” Johnson told Sports Radio 610 in Houston. “I just want it to heal faster. Right now it’s still weak; it’s not as strong as it [used] to be. ...”

“They say it could take up to six weeks at the most. But I don’t think it will take me that long.

Opponents have played the Texans differently without Johnson on the field in the past two games, just as you’d expect. In the loss at Baltimore, it was the Ravens making big passing plays downfield, not the Texans.

Gary Kubiak said Houston needed a hero in that game and one didn’t emerge.

Johnson is a super long shot for Sunday in Tennessee. Without Johnson and Kenny Britt, out for the year with a torn ACL, the showdown for the top spot in the AFC South will be missing two top playmakers.