Show me more of these four

Four guys I’d like to see more of starting this weekend:

Houston -- The Texans keep calling Kareem Jackson and Jason Allen both starters in their cornerback group. If you really think that way, then how does Allen disappear in Baltimore and how do you end up saying afterward you had hoped he’d play more? Are you unable to monitor who’s playing how much in the course of a game? Jackson is still not good. I’d like to see more of the alternative.

Indianapolis -- Running back Donald Brown came into the season close to being labeled a bust. While the 2009 first-round draft pick can still be overly hesitant, overall he has done a good job this season. He’s averaging 5.6 yards a carry, but has only taken 13 handoffs. I understand it’s a small sample size. Why not see what a bigger sample size looks like? I like Delone Carter a lot, but he’s more a short-yardage guy.

Jacksonville -- Defensive end John Chick has pass-rush skills. It was apparent last year when the Colts brought him in from the CFL. He spent time on their practice squad but didn’t make the final cut this season. The Jaguars picked him up and he’s showed an ability to get in the backfield when he gets on the field. With Austen Lane now out for the year, the door is open for Chick, and I expect to see production from the pass-rusher.

Tennessee -- I am not a proponent of taking carries away from Chris Johnson. The Titans need to keep giving it to him while figuring out what’s wrong with the run game. But I do believe offensive coordinator Chris Palmer ought to find a way to get rookie running back Jamie Harper some touches somewhere along the way. How? I’m not quite sure. But there has to be a way where they don’t disrupt what they are trying to get going with Johnson.