Brown's defense worse than punch

I beg each and every American to pause today and consider the issue of shrinking accountability.

Are we absolutely incapable of owning what we say or do anymore?

After linebacker Clint Session forced a Houston fumble at Reliant Stadium Sunday, he wound up with the ball on the return after two laterals. And after he was tackled out of bounds, Houston left tackle Duane Brown clearly, deliberately, delivered a punch with his left hand to Session’s chest before he got up. (Tania Ganguli of the Times-Union writes about it here.)

Brown’s explanation on Houston’s 1510 The Game radio?

He called the accusation of a punch “outrageous” and made it as if it was merely him catching his balance. Yes, if you lose your balance, you generally close your fist and look for the nearest solar plexus as you attempt to steady yourself.

Brown did get pushed, but looking at the replay I have no problem saying he saw the shove as an opportunity to land a blow before getting up to deal with the shover, who is not identifiable on video.

And that Session offered no objection doesn’t make it OK.

People are not that dumb.

Brown threw a punch. What you do when you’ve thrown a punch that’s on film is say something like, I lost my poise for a second there and it’s a mistake. I’m not proud of it. I’m sorry about it and you can expect I’ll try not to lose my poise again.

If the league doesn’t issue a fine here, it’s a poor call.

And if Brown does get a FedEx envelope notifying him that money will be taken out of his paycheck, he’d be wise not to appeal it using the weak I-lost-my-balance defense.

Own it, man.