Pat McAfee shouldn't be a Bill Polian target

The Stampede Blue web site tracks Bill Polian’s weekly radio show, which is unreasonably not streamed on the Internet.

Last night’s edition produced this nugget in the recap:

As part of the 'what needs to improve,' Polian singled out punter Pat McAfee and said he must get better as a directional and strategic punter.

And this direct quote from Polian was in a follow-up post.

"Pat McAfee needs to take the next step. He needs to become a better directional and strategic punter."

It’s ridiculous to be critical of McAfee considering the Colts under Polian have generally been terrible on special teams and McAfee has a great leg that’s been an asset. Applause to McAfee for standing up for himself in a graceful way.


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