Weaver needs to back away from Jaguars

Wayne Weaver made the decision to sell the Jaguars.

He’s still in control until Jan. 4, which is unfortunate. It would be best if new owner Shahid Khan took control of the franchise Jan. 2, the day after the season ends.

That two-day gap is a lag that could prevent the team from pouncing on a new coach and that could hurt the franchise even though Khan can be, should be and will be involved in any decisions.

Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union talked to Weaver about the search for a new head coach:

“I’ll be helpful wherever I can. He’s got to hire a new coach and start planning for free agency and start planning for the draft. All that work is in progress. He needs to be a big part of that.’’

Yes, Khan needs to be a big part of it. He needs to be the biggest part of that. And in so doing, Weaver needs to be a small part of it. And by small part, I’m talking microscopic.

Weaver’s most recent hiring record is poor.

He hired and stuck with James Harris as the team’s personnel chief and Jack Del Rio as coach.

That’s not a résumé that qualifies Weaver, as an outgoing owner, for much of a say in the next hire. Weaver remained behind the scenes for most of the season and now he is visible. I fear he wants to be out front one last time.

Sorry Wayne, but Jacksonville fans should be absolutely wary of having any of your fingerprints on this move. Fresh air and a fresh viewpoint have arrived, and there is a new sheriff in town. He'll call you with questions and a smooth transfer of power will be lovely and all. But it's his deal now.

Please don’t talk about Khan being a big part of it. Talk about him being all of it as you gracefully back away.