Breaking down my power rankings ballot

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

The newest power rankings are out, and here’s the status of your AFC South teams:

I didn’t react in a big way to many results. Minnesota beat the bad Browns and the Titans lost to the consensus No. 1 Steelers. One week in that doesn’t make me race one up the list and the other down it.

Here’s Mike Sando’s chart showing how four of us voted.

Here’s why I may have been different than my three colleagues on some teams:

Vikings: They rank eighth, I have them 13th.

An impressive opening day performance for sure. They should handle the Browns. If they keep going like that I certainly expect to move them up.

Titans: They rank ninth, I have them fourth.

They took the defending Super Bowl champs into overtime on their home field. I didn’t think the loss -- where they showed some excellent toughness -- warranted dropping them behind the Colts, who couldn’t drop from five after a win over Jacksonville.

Cowboys: They rank 13th, I have them 17th.

They looked great. But the Bucs are bad, and I didn’t award huge bumps to teams that beat opponents I think are among the worst in the league.

Cardinals: They rank 17th, I have them 11th.

I am surprised by this discrepancy. They were bad against the 49ers and I don’t envision big things for them, but am allowing for a gradual slip not an immediate plummet.

49ers: They rank 18th, I have them 22nd.

I’m repeating myself on a lot of these. A solid start. But it will take more than one week for me to think they are better than the Jets or even the Bears.

Bengals: They rank 26th, I have them 23rd.

It’s not that I like the Bengals a whole lot, and that could be a crushing loss to Denver. But I see a lot of bad teams that still deserve to rank behind them.

Browns: The rank 28th, I have them 31st.

Sorry, but I don’t think they’d beat Tampa Bay, Kansas City or Detroit.