Jaguars' regret: Sticking with Del Rio

Regrets? Everybody’s got a few… We asked for some feedback on one thing you’d like to go back and change for each team in the AFC South.

For the Jaguars, I align with the most popular response you offered.

Here’s my biggest second-guess about the 2011 Jacksonville Jaguars.

Sticking with Jack Del Rio.

Counting on the Jaguars to make a turnaround with Del Rio at the helm and a lame duck staff was awfully optimistic. And it turned out to be a 5-11 disaster that he didn't survive long enough to finish.

Had Wayne Weaver been a bit more courageous and forward thinking, he would have seen the advantages of bringing in a new coach before a new quarterback. Then general manager Gene Smith could have had input from a coach he’d hired into the selection of a quarterback of the future.

If it was still Blaine Gabbert, then so be it. Either Gabbert or another quarterback would have a year with his coach and staff under his belt instead of surviving a terrible rookie year working under people who were on the verge of getting fired or not being renewed.

Sticking with Del Rio with unrealistic hopes that the Jaguars would make some sort of progress toward the playoffs basically sacrificed a year and a season for the franchise. Teams can't afford to sacrifice time like that.

At least, for Shahid Khan, it probably helped keep the purchase price down a bit.