Pagano's press conference through Twitter

Thoughts about Chuck Pagano’s introductory press conference spun off of tweets from media and bloggers who saw it or heard it, or tried to as I did.

@JacobTamme: Streaming video is refusing to stream.

PK: Same here, bro.

@JMV1070: For those of you that wanted a retread. @JimIrsay said "nope".

PK: Laudable, particularly since the available retreads were not all that attractive.

@mg_indy: Pagano says his first priority is 2 get 2 know each of his players. "Family" & 'trust' thru "relationship building" is very important 2 him

PK: To hear his former players talk about him, his new ones will love him on a personal level.

@AdamsonAshley: Pagano says he wants to get to know every single person here. From the people who cook the food to the people who clean the building.

PK: That’s reverse Bill Polian, who I don’t sense was big on chatting with the cooks or janitors. Maybe that’s unfair. But his was a closed circle.

@chrishaganfox59: Pagano: "be loyal, be trustworthy, be dedicated."

PK: Admirable goals.

@chrishaganfox59: Pagano: "I'm here to serve."

PK: Aiming to serve from a high-ranking post rather than to be served is an incredibly smart approach that I am anxious to see in play. He’s different than Tony Dungy, for sure, but that sure seems like a similarity.

@ACwishtv: Pagano: "We're here to build each other up"

PK: Again, the sort of thing a lot of people will be excited to hear.

@18to88: I resent this talk of culture change within the organization, to be honest. This team did nothing but win for a decade.

PK: This is a very noteworthy point. I think the talk of culture change is tied to the way Polian operated. It’s not the best way to operate, and it ultimately blew up. But as Nate Dunlevy is pointing out here, we shouldn’t forget that out of the way he operated came an exceptional degree of success.

@ColtsAuthority (three tweets): If Wade Phillips can go into Houston and stand up Mario Wiliams, with the two great pass rushers we have here I don't see the problem. Just because we may line up and they may say they're a 3-4 team, we could be an odd 3-4 look on second down and lord only knows on 3rd and seven-plus.

PK: Very good point and very smart to refer to what Houston just did. Too much is made of hos guys are identified versus what they are asked to do. If (Dwight) Freeney and Robert Mathis are on the field, they’ll be rushing the passer.

@ColtsAuthority (five tweets): Pagano: Promise to wreak havoc. We just cut our guys loose. We're going to do a great job here... we have some explosive athletes. We will add to that and evolve, as drafts go by and free agency goes by. I think players like to play that way. We never ankle-weighted our players This is a reaction game. You don't have time to think. You see, you react, and you run. That's the kind of guys we have here now and will bring in. We want to be aggressive. We want to dictate the tempo defensively. We want them reacting to us and not vice versa. We will have schemes in place that allow our players to play to play and be aggressive.

PK: Just what you’d expect a defensive coach who’s got a good reputation with his peers and his players to say.

@ColtsAuthority: Pagano: No. Over the course of 28 years of coaching you develop relationships. You have a list of people from coordinators on down. There's a volume of really good coaches out there. There is quality people here. I will take time to talk to them and if it meshes and they're a part of our vision we can move forward from there. I don't foresee any problem putting together the best staff in the NFL.

PK: A little ambitious. Most of the best NFL assistant coaches are not available. But he should be aiming high and intending to land great people.

@AdamsonAshley: Just met Pagano's wife and 2 of his 3 daughters. Lovely fam...the girls say it's really weird to see their dad looking so important up there

PK: It’s funny, we tend to forget at a big moment like this for an organization what it probably like through the eyes of family.

@TribStarTJames: In meeting with Indy media after presser for Chuck Pagano as new head coach, Irsay said PManning should have kept issues "in house."

PK: They went a long stretch in this press conference without mentioning Manning by name, which can certainly be read as disrespectful. If this is the end, you want to send Manning out the right way. And the right way doesn’t start with suggesting you should dictate the terms of the exit strategy conversations. Also, is the proper way to take on Manning not keeping things in house to break your own policy for where to discuss it? Or since Manning did it first it’s OK for you to do it now too?

@LovinBlue: @JimIrsay STOP ignoring Manning & his legacy. The approach is hurting fans more than helping them move on. Honor past while looking forward.

PK: I think she raises a valid point.