Shannon Sharpe on Peyton Manning

INDIANAPOLIS -- Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe gave his take on the Peyton Manning situation:

Jim Irsay is doing the right thing. It looks like to me, he’s removed anyone that might have a dissenting opinion to him. No [Bill] Polian, change in head coach and change in training staff. First-year head coach and first-year general manager tells me they’re bringing in a new quarterback.

We know the Super Bowl is in Indy because of Peyton Manning. Lucas Oil Stadium is because of Peyton Manning. What Jim Irsay is saying, "I paid Peyton Manning $150 million. I think I did pretty good. I gave him $26 million when I knew he wasn’t going to be healthy." Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith were all told their services weren’t required and they weren’t hurt. We don’t even have this debate if Peyton plays. We’re not even discussing this. Andrew Luck is out of the question. Because he was hurt, now they have to make a decision.

Jim Irsay has to think 10 years from now. Peyton Manning isn’t going to be playing. Do I keep Peyton Manning and pay him $28 million plus the other $20 million that I got to pay Andrew Luck over the life of his contract? No, you can’t do that. It’s hard and it’s a cold callous business. There’s no loyalty on both sides. But I think Mr. Irsay is doing the right thing.