Attempt to interpret McShay, Kiper

This is an exercise with holes in it. Free agency can change everything. This is based on current needs and recent reviews.

Factoring in new overall rankings from Todd McShayInsider and Mel Kiper Jr.Insider (who goes 25 players deep), here are the options the teams of the AFC South could be facing when the first round of the draft rolls around at the end of April.

1) Indianapolis Colts

McShay: “(Stanford QB Andrew) Luck's combine workout showed he is more athletic than most thought, and combined with his once-in-a-generation skill set he appears to be a lock as the No. 1 overall pick to the Colts.”

Kiper: “He didn't throw, but no complaints here. That's what his pro day is for. I expected him to surprise in testing, and I think he showed he's more than a thrower. Status quo remains. The total package: arm strength, size, smarts, demeanor. Ready to play.”

7) Jacksonville Jaguars

Available on McShay board: Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon, UNC DE Quinton Coples, Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd, Alabama CB Dre Kirkpatrick.

Available on Kiper board: Coples, South Carolina DE Melvin Ingram, Floyd, Kirkpatrick.

Kuharsky thinks: Blackmon’s got to be tempting there, though first-round receiver history has to be scary. Coples’ effort questions will hurt him with the Jags. I could see Ingram or Kirkpatrick.

20) Tennessee Titans

Available on McShay board: Kirkpatrick, Georgia G Cordy Glenn, Baylor WR Kendall Wright, Michigan State DT Jerel Worthy, Clemson DE Branch, Wisconsin C Peter Konz.

Available on Kiper board: Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith, UConn DT Kendall Reyes, Branch, Konz.

Kuharsky thinks: The interior offensive line options are attractive to me, but I don’t think the Titans will stray from their usual approach there, meaning they won't spend a first-rounder.

26) Houston Texans

Available on McShay board: (Not in his top 32) LSU WR Reuben Randle, Georgia Tech WR Stephen Hill, UNC OLB Zach Brown, Nebraska CB Alfonzo Dennard.

Kiper only goes 25 deep.

Kuharsky thinks: The guys between 26-32 for McShay don’t really seem to fit the Texans. Read that as a bad thing in this exercise, or in anticipation of a well-stocked roster, get excited for a best-player available scenario.