Would Manning-Denver mean Tebow-Jax?

Shahid Khan has said he would have drafted Tim Tebow.

He doesn’t intend to tell general manager Gene Smith what to do, and he wouldn’t have drafted Tebow as high as 10th, which is where the Jaguars picked in 2010. But he said the chance to add a guy of Tebow’s magnitude, with the big local tie, is rare and he would have taken it.

So ...

Now that the Denver Broncos are a serious player for Peyton Manning, the presumption is Tebow would be on his way out if Manning was in. And it’s easy to connect the dots and presume Khan would urge his people to deal for Tebow, who surely wouldn’t cost a great deal given the limited market for him.

But no one with the Jaguars has indicated any interest in Tebow right now. No one who covers the Jaguars has reported they’d want him.

A new coaching staff is in place, and it’s looking to fix Blaine Gabbert and find a quality veteran backup to stand behind him.

Where would Tebow fit in that plan?

I don’t think he does.

While Khan said he would have drafted Tebow a couple years ago, he didn’t say he’d pounce on a chance to get him now. He’s got to trust the quarterback brain trust he’s put in place: coach Mike Mularkey, offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski and quarterback coach Greg Olson.

I’m guessing they feel like they’ve got a project in rebuilding Gabbert and don’t need another in Tebow.

The Jaguars have cap money and big needs at receiver and defensive end. That's where Khan should be bold.