Visit over, it's decision time for Manning

When the Indianapolis Colts set Peyton Manning free, perhaps the biggest question was whether he’d be able to throw for teams and show he’s healthy as they considered adding a gigantic free agent.

As Manning wound up his visit with the Tennessee Titans Wednesday night and left Nashville, indications are stronger and stronger that such questions are dwindling for the teams at play.

ESPN.com’s news story on Manning’s day blends an Associated Press report with information from Chris Mortensen:

Some teams that have reviewed his medical records and observed extensive video of recent throwing sessions appear satisfied with his physical status, both in neck stability and arm strength, and may not require him to work out, according to sources. However, a source added that Manning has no hesitation about putting his throwing skills on display and would expect such a workout to be part of the process.

Observers watched team physician Burton Elrod come and go from Titans headquarters during Manning’s visit, which set off presumptions about him taking a physical.

Manning’s camp has indicated he wants to protect a new team from taking any sort of financial hit if an issue with his neck arises. So there will be at least one form of insurance.

With three visits and an Indianapolis meeting with Miami over, there are no indications another contender for Manning will emerge.

Undoubtedly this is an exhausting process and he’d like to make a choice and start to settle into it while allowing a team to start making complementary moves.

If the tour and Manning’s examination of the possibilities and extensive conversations with the people he could work with are over, it’s time for contract talk.

Such talk may not take very long and I think there is a scenario in which he doesn’t negotiate with more than one team.

Should that be the case, one of the guys with a calculator and spread sheets is about to take center stage in the compelling drama unfolding behind the scenes.