Insider analysis: Early receiver movement

KC Joyner discusses the receiver market so far in this Insider pieceInsider.

I’ve seized a couple snippets to pass along:

Pierre Garcon, outgoing from Colts to Redskins: The 2009 season is the only campaign in which Garcon posted quality metrics (9.3 YPA), and that was with a healthy Peyton Manning. Robert Griffin III may be a very good pro quarterback, but unless he can play at Manning's elite level (a very big task), the Redskins may be disappointed in this investment.

Reggie Wayne, stayed with Colts: His early-season totals weren't dominant, but from Weeks 12-17 Wayne gained 472 yards on 45 targets (if penalty plays are included). That equates to a 10.3 overall YPA that was highlighted by a 13.0 vertical YPA (VYPA) on 25 vertical targets.

Laurent Robinson, incoming from Dallas to Jaguars: “…[T]here could be some serious upside to this deal for Jacksonville. Robinson had a rare combination of a fantastic short pass YPA (7.8 on 44 targets) and a superb VYPA (14.8 on 34 targets) last season. In addition, he caught five of six bomb passes for 282 yards, so he has the skills to stretch the field. (Note: Bomb passes are aerials thrown 30 or more yards downfield.) Whether he'll have a quarterback in Jacksonville who can get him the ball is another question.”