Grigson talks QBs, Freeney and fullback

Points of interest from a conference conversation between Colts general manager Ryan Grigson and the Indianapolis media, per a transcript provided by the team:

On three offensive line additions: “Anybody that I would have brought in here is someone who has a very good chance of competing and winning a job. This is going to be a very competitive environment, and that’s how we want to approach this thing at camp. Being very competitive so we’re bringing the best out of everyone. The cream rises to the top in any environment, and that’s the approach I want to take and that’s the approach Coach (Chuck) Pagano is comfortable with. That’s what we’re doing here with these types of players. They all have ability, they’re all wired a certain way and they play the game with a high tempo and they finish. We’re pleased with who we’ve brought into the fold thus far…”

“The whole thing about the offensive line is that it’s a team within a team. It has to be cohesive and guys have to help one another and have a certain playing style. That certain playing style is what we’re trying to accomplish with these signings. Also, athletic ability comes into play at some point as well. We want guys who love to play the game, and it shows on film that they love to play the game. And that they play at the right tempo and play with a purpose. That’s to play snap to whistle, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

On wide receiver Donnie Avery: “He’s always been a fast guy. He was the first receiver taken. He’s had considerable production early on in his career, and of course, he as well as we (do), hope he gets back to that level. We sure hope he does, and I know he does. It’s a nice get for us based on what he brings to the table and what he can help in this (offense) with much-needed wrinkle of speed. And he’s a welcomed addition.”

On the status of Dwight Freeney: “Everything with Dwight is great. He’s going to be here this year. We expect him to be a major contributor, and a guy who strikes fear in our opponents and those offensive linemen every week. Moving forward, we’re going to take it day-by-day, and everything right now looks great for our defense with re-signing Robert (Mathis) and having Dwight in the fold. It sure makes me sleep better at night knowing those two guys are going to be bringing it on third down.”

On reports of Freeney on the trading block in order to get out from under his $19 million cap number: “There is a lot of speculation as I’m learning this thing. It’s pretty rampant, and there are a lot of rumors. Like I said, I think last time I addressed (that). There are a lot of rumors that fly, but there’s never been any substance that would suggest we’re doing anything like that. He’s a Colt, period.”

On plans to see the top quarterbacks:“We saw (Robert Griffin III). Circumstances didn’t allow us to do anything private with him, so we did the usual pro day. We did the best we could with that situation. We do have a private workout that we’re scheduling with Andrew (Luck) in the future, which will be here in the upcoming weeks.”

On starting negotiations with the number one draft pick early: “No. We’re going to do it the old fashion way, and that’s not something that’s been discussed at this point about how we would go about that. I think we’ll do it like team[s] always have and keep it simple.”

On the Colts being a fullback team: "As of right now, yes we’ll utilize a fullback. We also can utilize a tight end in a fullback type role. Those things are all evolving as we move forward here, and see what we actually have to actually pick in this draft. We’re still looking and digging for players and trying to get as deep of a pool of quality players that can come in and play for us from college free agents all the way up to the first round. We’re working on that and we’re going to try and plug in the best guys possible, and try to get as many guys in the fold as we can. We’re knocking it out every day as best we can. Hopefully, every day we make a little bit of progress and take it from there.”