As he leaves, Ryans reviews the division

Linebacker DeMeco Ryans is using a workout facility in suburban Nashville as a weigh station between Houston and Philadelphia this week.

He’s got a stake in a D1 facility in Birmingham, and is working out at the Franklin, Tenn., facility this week with a handful of others, including a couple Jets backup quarterbacks Tim Tebow and Greg McElroy.

Ryans is in great spirits, and excited about the opportunity to man the middle and lead for the Eagles.

He’s not sad, but he was reflective about the idea of leaving, just one year into what the Texans intend to be a long stretch of playoff-caliber seasons.

Two key players that helped the team break through are gone, with Ryans traded and right tackle Eric Winston released to help alleviate salary-cap issues.

“We've been building a team so long, and we finally got there,” Ryans said. “We made it to the playoffs because the backups were good, the seconds and thirds were good enough to go in, and it wasn't a drop-off. So, that's sort of the hardship of being so good, when you have so many good players you can't pay everybody.”

I was in a super multi-media mood.

So I offer two other features:

  • The picture above, where Ryans is focused on a guy at a podium who is calling out signals and dropping a tennis ball to simulate a snap, so players can work on their get-offs.

  • This short audio clip. As he heads out of the AFC South, I asked him five questions about the division. You’ll hear shoutouts to the Jaguars' backfield (but not the city they play in), as well as Titans right tackle David Stewart.