Gruden on Colts surrounding Andrew Luck

Presuming the Colts make Andrew Luck the No. 1 pick in the draft on April 26, will they focus the rest of their draft on building the offense around him?

In a conference call with reporters Wednesday, ESPN’s Jon Gruden was asked about the necessity of giving Luck help in the rest of the draft.

"I think the Colts are a lot different team now, obviously, then they were five years ago. Not only do they have to address needs in the draft, they’re going to have to continue to do that after the draft and in free agency. Obviously a quarterback’s success rate is largely dependent upon those around him, not just on the field but you’ve got to embrace a new system.

"I know Bruce Arians is coming over from the Pittsburgh Steelers (as offensive coordinator), they’ve got a new head coach (in Chuck Pagano). They’ve got to increase their personnel. Marvin Harrison is gone. Reggie Wayne is at a different stage in his career. Dallas Clark is gone. I don’t know who the feature back is going to be.

"So I would assume, if Indianapolis does indeed select Andrew Luck, that they will try to upgrade the supporting cast on the field as much as possible."

I think general manager Ryan Grigson will likely need to be careful about leaning too much on one side of the ball.

While the Colts need help at receiver, tight end, on the offensive line and possibly at running back, they also need a strong safety, interior defensive linemen and cornerbacks.

Let’s remember Pagano is a defensive guy and that there are plenty of ways significant defensive additions can help Luck, too -- like by getting him the ball back in good field position.