Blaine Gabbert passes on toughness talk

Blaine Gabbert isn’t going to defend himself. People can call him shaky, timid, scared and he may bristle at it, but he’s not going to address it.

He explained that strategy during a Tuesday appearance on The Fox in Jacksonville with Pete Prisco,

How do you respond to all the critics nationally about your pocket presence?

Blaine Gabbert: The biggest thing is I have got to respond on the football field. Everybody is going to have their criticisms of certain quarterbacks throughout the league and that’s just mine. Some of it’s necessary and some of it’s unnecessary, but the biggest thing that I worry about is how I come across to my coaches and my teammates. That’s all that matters to me. Their opinions are the ones that I value and if they are saying I am doing a good job I’ll take their word for it.

You seem to be a guy who won’t say anything to the critics and let it play out on the field?

BG: You gotta pick your battles in this profession, but being a competitor is just part of our job description. We’re all competitive people or we wouldn’t be where we are today. We’ve had to work extremely hard to get here and get a lot of the circumstances we have been faced with and just keep competing every day. That’s how you stay in this business.

I believe it shows a certain degree of toughness for Gabbert to be able to take that stand rather than jumping at an opportunity to defend himself. It’s not the same kind of toughness people want to see from him on the field, but it is a toughness.

I visited with Prisco on his show Wednesday and we spoke of how we’d each defend ourselves in such a situation.

But if he chose to do so, odds are Gabbert would have said something that could have been interpreted as passing the buck or throwing people under the bus regarding protection or weaponry.

It’s probably the right approach to take right now.

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