Pre-draft visits not big indicator

We haven’t touched on it this season. But it’s a pet peeve of mine: Too many people attach too much significance to pre-draft visits.

The Jaguars had fifth-rounder linebacker Brandon Marshall and seventh-round defensive tackle Jeris Pendleton to Jacksonville. That’s two of six picks.

The Titans had first-round receiver Kendall Wright, second-round linebacker Zach Brown, third-round defensive tackle Mike Martin, and fifth-round tight end Taylor Thompson to Nashville. That’s four of seven.

I didn’t get details directly from the other two teams, but I did some fishing around.

From reports I’ve sifted though, the Texans had visits with guard Brandon Brooks, kicker Randy Bullock and offensive tackle Nick Mondek. That’s three of eight.

Also from reports, indications are the Colts spent time in Indianapolis with Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton and Tim Frugger. That’s three of 10.

We could be missing a couple Houston or Indianapolis visits.

But based on what we know, the AFC South visit rate of draft picks this year was 38.7 percent.

We shall recall this next year when someone notes a visit before the draft as a telling sign of something.