Colts rookie minicamp review

A review of what was learned from the Colts’ rookie minicamp.

  • Peyton Manning didn’t like quarterbacks being set apart by wearing red jerseys. But the new regime has Andrew Luck and the rest of the quarterbacks in the traditional stop sign garb, says Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star. Manning didn’t like anything that separated the quarterbacks from the rest of the team, but now the Colts are using the same sort of caution used around the league.

  • Chuck Pagano and his staff intentionally overloaded the rookies, and say they will figure it all out later, writes Chappell.

  • The team is steering clear of the word rebuilding. It’s all semantics, but “rebuilding” has kind of become a taboo term around the league. Frame it any way you like, guys, you’re rebuilding.

  • The Colts added no cornerbacks in the draft. Out of the undrafted rookies, Chappell said Wisconsin's Antonio Fenelus and Pittsburgh's Buddy Jackson worked as the starters, with Maryland's Cameron Chism being added to the mix in nickel situations. So those are the guys to keep an eye on when the whole team gets together.

  • Joseph Addai signed with the Patriots, where I think he can contribute in spots. Chappell thought the Colts should have brought him back, and that he would have been an ideal situational player. I can see that stance, but in clearing the roster and clearing the books, it made sense to part ways.

  • June 13th’s full-team minicamp practice will be at Lucas Oil Stadium and be open to the public.

  • Luck finished off the minicamp with a touchdown pass, says Chappell. Now he’s back to school, and he can’t return until his class’ work at Stanford is finished. The rule isn’t the same for tight end Coby Fleener, because he’s already finished his undergraduate work. Two others will also miss a lot of work between now and early June: wide receivers Griff Whalen (Stanford) and LaVon Brazill (Ohio).