Who will be AFC South's top rookie?

Let’s set aside Andrew Luck for the purposes of this post. Provided he’s not injured, the Colts rookie quarterback will start all season, and a starting quarterback is likely to be more impactful than people who play further away from the football.

So, beyond Luck, what rookie stands to make the biggest impact in his first season?

I’m looking for your vote and your case for the preseason AFC South Rookie of the Year BL -- Besides Luck.

I only get five slots in the poll, and went with the highest-ranking guys from the draft.

Justin Blackmon will be in line to make a big impact lining up outside provided Blaine Gabbert proves able of getting him the ball.

Kendall Wright would seem less likely to post big numbers, given he’s got a better group of receivers to compete for catches against.

Whitney Mercilus should add to the Texans' pass rush, but he’s third in line where they will have two on the field at a time.

Coby Fleener could be Luck’s top target based on Bruce Arians’ system and the pre-existing relationship between the tight end and quarterback.

Andre Branch has a chance to be the final piece to a very good defense in Jacksonville if the end can effectively and consistently rush the passer.

Like somebody drafted lower better?

Make your case below.