Mailbag: On Jackson, Jaguars and more

Marcus from Houston writes: I just wanted to mention that the Texans NEED a better CB. I was so angry with them for not getting Carlos Rogers, or Asante Samuel. Michael Jenkins is available for trade, we need to get SOMEBODY. Kareem Jackson is awful, he is the reason we lost to the Saints last year, Lance Moore was such an easy target for Brees. Jackson gives everyone SO much space. I don't care how good your pass rush is, if Kareem Jackson is your second best CB, then good luck beating guys like Peyton Manning, Matt Hasselbeck, Tom Brady, etc. Jackson is AWFUL. My main focuses were getting rid of Jones (which we finally did),getting a better WR to back up Andre (which we did), getting a corner (got rid of one), aiding the pass rush (which we did), and signing Keenum after the draft (which we did). No one I know is saying we need a CB, I just want to know that I'm not the only guy in this city that realizes this.

Paul Kuharsky: So you had a five-item wish list. Your team gave you four of the five things you wanted (including a third- or fourth-string QB unlikely to be relevant any time soon) and you’re upset?

The Texans think Jackson is a starter. Certainly they can upgrade, but it’s time to come to terms with the fact they aren’t seeking a new starting corner. I’d change your focus to hoping Brandon Harris or Roc Carmichael can become the sort of safety blanket Jason Allen was or that someone else can emerge in that role.

Jackson can still get better. And the Texans aren’t going to brand him a mistake in his third year.

David from Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., writes: I know it's hard but I'd appreciate it if you would continuously research information about each team so you don't have to repeat the same information in each of your blog posts.(Anger and O-line needs) I know the Titans are your exception, but as for the Jaguars no OT would have filled a need except to be a jar on a shelf.(although they did get Brewster from Ohio State) Please take the "jaguars always are an easy target" out of your head because of one mid round draft pick who is going to start next year. If the Jaguars want respect i know it starts with winning but blowing up non important stories based on your own perspective only serves to be a laser pointer to direct others towards your self serving prophecy/laughathon. I like your hard working analysis but would appreciate it if your changed your attitude, so it can change your behavior for the equal balance of all teams in this division blog.

Paul Kuharsky: Themes emerge for teams and get revisited. Blaine Gabbert needs to be better for the Jaguars in 2012 for them to get any better. It’s hard not to hit on that regularly.

Similarly, the choice of a punter such as Bryan Anger in the third round remains a conversation topic. I field questions about it. It comes up in draft review.

I disagree that a third-round offensive lineman would be a jar on a shelf. If Eben Britton gets hurt again -- and he’s been hurt a lot -- you’re looking at Guy Whimper playing again. If you don’t think they could have made a significant upgrade on Whimper with a third-round pick, you and I have a fundamental disagreement.

I think you’re doing what you accuse me of doing and not researching your information if you think I default to the Jaguars being an easy target.

I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone regional or national who regularly defends the team as I do -- on Gabbert (too soon to call him a bust), on the tarps (EverBank is still bigger than Soldier Field), on the team’s stability (beating down the lazy Jags-to-L.A. talk), on the quality of the defense (which I think can be excellent), etc.

As for the blog being heavy on my perspective ... my own perspective is what is offered here. That’s why my name and picture are on the page, right?

Josh in Houston writes: I keep hearing a lot of people say that Rashad Butler will be better suited for RT than he was as LT filling in for Duane Brown in 2010. I also keep hearing a lot of people say that he may be an upgrade in pass protection, but a downgrade in run blocking compared to Eric Winston. Do you know what the reasoning is behind these suggestions? Thanks!

Paul Kuharsky: The left tackle is usually the more technically sound tackle. He might be a bit smaller and a bit more finesse than power. The right tackle tends to be more of a physical guy.

Winston fit with that. The hope is that Butler does, too. I am not so sure.

Gerald Ball from parts unknown writes: Your "the NFC North is better than the NFC East ... look at the QBs" comment was ridiculous. Eli Manning with 2 Super Bowl wins versus Aaron Rodgers with 1. Advantage: NFC East. Michael Vick's 4 Pro Bowls and 2 playoff wins versus Jay Cutler's 1 of each. Advantage: NFC East. Tony Romo's 3 Pro Bowls and 3 playoff appearances versus 0 and 1 for Matt Stafford. Advantage: NFC East. (Romo wins head to head over Jay Cutler also.) And as for Christian Ponder, he'd lose a head to head competition for a starting QB job to Rex Grossman AND for draft position to Robert Griffin III. Granted, the NFC North QBs are generally younger so there is more potential down the line for that group, but the NFC North has a better, more accomplished group of QBs TODAY.

Paul Kuharsky: I’ll take Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler as my divisional quarterback trio over Eli Manning, Michael Vick and Tony Romo or Robert Griffin. Overall they are younger, have more upside and are tougher to defend. (Manning’s excellent, obviously.)

But I’ll take the NFC North over the NFC East. The Giants went on a fantastic run last year and deserve full credit. But the Packers are a better team as we start 2011. Detroit, and probably Chicago, look better to me now than Philadelphia or Dallas.

I can’t help how I feel.

Rick Grayson from Spring Branch, Texas, writes: How do you keep your job? I just told ESPN to hire bloggers for each individual team instead of biased cue balls like you. Titans this and Titans that.... blah, blah, blah.

Paul Kuharsky: I'll try to be better.

Particularly appreciate how you brought specifics for me to consider.

Thanks, to you and everyone, for reading and taking the time to write.