Like Luck, Blackmon has cell phone issues

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When Andrew Luck was getting grief from his draft classmates in New York over his primitive cell phone, Justin Blackmon was on board.

It turns out his own telecommunications situation isn’t exactly superior.

Blackmon tossed his iPhone off a roller coaster at Six Flags last season, and the person he tossed it to fumbled it. When he went and found it below, the screen was cracked and he couldn’t hear callers.

He eventually replaced it but the replacement was stolen. So he reverted back to an old one and now has a GPS that’s hard to read -- he has to constantly reset it as he tries to find his way around. And he has to put on big Beats headphones to fully participate in a call. (You’re better off texting him.)

So the No. 1 and No. 5 picks in the draft come into the AFC South with questionable cell phone situations.

Here’s hoping once they sign contracts and have a break they can upgrade to something more suited to their stature.

Blackmon thinks Luck should go first.

“He’s got a Nokia flip phone, I gave him crap about it this weekend (at the rookie premiere),” Blackmon said. “I don’t know why he keeps that thing, he just won’t get a new one. I know his upgrade is somewhere close. I’m nowhere around mine, and those iPhones run big money.”