A look ahead at 2013 cap situations

In this piece about salary cap room, John Clayton shares some detail that’s quite positive for the AFC South.

Clayton addresses the remaining cap room in 2012, but even more interesting are the numbers for next year.

Contracts for their remaining 2012 unsigned draft picks will still factor into these numbers.

And some of the money will have to be spent on retaining in-house free-agents-to-be -- a list that includes Connor Barwin and Duane Brown in Houston, Austin Collie and Jerraud Powers in Indianapolis, Terrance Knighton and Derek Cox in Jacksonville, and Jason McCourty and Jared Cook in Tennessee.

Even with those pending free agents, Clayton’s salary-cap list for 2013 is filled with good news for the AFC South.

  • The Colts have the most room of anyone in the league with $43 million.

  • The Jaguars, minus Aaron Kampman, move up to $25 million, Clayton tells me.

  • The Texans will have $24.8 million.

  • The Titans should be at $16 million.

After the 2012 season, we should see our four teams in position to re-sign the guys they want and be able to do some shopping in the outside market -- especially the Colts, who will be in position to make the sort of additions that weren’t part of the operation during the Bill Polian regime and Peyton Manning era.