Jaws on Matt Schaub as the No. 13 QB

In ESPN’s 30-part “Jaws' QB Countdown” series, we’ve reached Houston’s Matt Schaub.

The segments -- produced by the NFL Matchup team at NFL Films -- are airing on "SportsCenter," "NFL Live" and "NFL32."

Ron Jaworski ranks Schaub 13th.

Here’s his analysis of some film:

“Many might not be aware, but Schaub is a 65 percent passer as the Texans' five-year starter with two 4,000-yard seasons. He’s at his best in a controlled pass game that features play-action.

“I did a study going back to 2008. Schaub has been among the best in the NFL on first-and-10 over the last four years. Two things stood out. First, yards per attempt: consistently above nine. That means Schaub is generating explosive plays. Second, the percentage of first-down throws that produced another first down: Schaub has been in the top five each of those four seasons.

“The Texans’ offensive foundation is the zone run. The passing game works off that. Like almost all quarterbacks, Schaub must be managed by the schematics of the pass game, as well as the play calling. The late Bill Walsh was a strong believer in that concept of quarterback manipulation.

“This play against the Saints is a great example of what I’m talking about. The design of the play broke down the defense. First you had the motion by (Houston Texans wide receiver) Andre Johnson across the formation. Notice the ball was snapped before the corner could get lined up. Then you had hard, run-action away from Johnson. That moved the linebackers out of the passing lane. You had Johnson exploding off the line and a clear window for Schaub. Pitch and catch.

“One critical measurement for a quarterback is consistency. Schaub has been a very stable, measured player in his Texans career. I have always had concerns about his durability. He needs to stay on the field and be accountable for 16 games.”

Earlier in the series, Jacksonville’s Blaine Gabbert was 29th and Tennessee's Matt Hasselbeck was 18th.