Balancing act: Tennessee Titans

In an ideal world, an NFL team is balanced.

I think coaches and GMs would like to have a team that can rely on its offense and defense equally. (I know they love to say special teams are a third of things. Count the plays. It’s a much smaller piece.)

How balanced are the teams of the AFC South?

Today we take a look, starting with the Tennessee Titans.

Looking at the team’s roster, schemes and coaching, I view the Titans as currently constructed as 65 percent offensive.

The best thing this team has going for it is that it will be choosing a quarterback who has a great training camp and he will be throwing to what should be an impressive array of weapons in Kenny Britt, Chris Johnson, Nate Washington, Kendall Wright and Jared Cook.

If Johnson bounces back to run better, the Titans can have a balanced offense. And offense should carry a team that has a lot of unproven players on defense and questions about its ability to rush the passer.

Separate of my number, I asked Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. to consider the question.

“Tennessee is 65 percent offense,” he said. “l think this just really switched to make Jake Locker’s life easier -- drafting of Wright was huge in my decision here.”

So we agree on our number. What about you?