Shouldn't uniforms be, you know, uniform?

Nike forgot about the uniformity part of uniforms.

The Titans wore their light blue jerseys again Thursday night, and the new duds are a dud in my estimation.

Because they aren’t light blue, depending on how wet they are. They are light blue and lighter blue.

You’ll find a degree of color variation in all non-white jerseys -- something that exists because the NFL’s new uniform supplier favors technology over appearance. Which sounds good, I guess, until you consider how many people like watching NFL football and not being frustrated by inconsistent uniforms.

The jerseys have different fabrics in different sections -- some of which don't hold moisture in order to be lighter.

“The fabric in the front panel is the same on all jerseys but the wet color variation you see (some more than others) is based on the way different athletes sweat (amount, pH, etc),” a Nike spokesperson told me. “For some teams the color of the fabric also makes the sweat more visible (i.e. some of the darker colors).”

Often, I am too particular. But this is taking me a while to get used to. And I don’t feel like it's something any of us who are too particular should have to get used to.