Nuggets from ESPN Stats & Info

Nuggets from ESPN Stats & Information off out of Sunday’s AFC South games:

-- Andrew Luck relied heavily on Reggie Wayne in his first career start. Luck targeted Wayne 18 times and completed nine of those for 135 yards. Wayne was Luck's only reliable target further than 10 yards downfield. Luck completed 5-of-7 passes for 100 yards when throwing to Wayne 10 or more yards from the line of scrimmage, but just 5-of-12 for 98 yards and two interceptions when targeting other receivers.

-- Luck threw from shotgun formations on 62.2 percent of his pass attempts Sunday. He completed just 12-of-28 passes for 161 yards and two interceptions. In his senior season at Stanford, Luck threw from shotgun on 46.5 percent of his pass attempts.

-- Chris Johnson rushed for a career-low four yards on 11 rushes. Johnson never gained more than 2 yards after contact on a rush and the Patriots defenses hit Johnson at or behind the line of scrimmage on eight-of-11 rushes. Johnson's previous rushing low was 5 yards on seven rushes against the Texans in 2010.

-- Matt Schaub was four-for-six for 78 yards and a touchdown targeting Andre Johnson at least 11 yards downfield. Johnson finished with eight total catches for 119 yards on the day and Schaub registered a 73.4 Total QBR. On the other side, Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw all three of his interceptions on throws 5 or fewer yards downfield and finished with a 3.1 Total QBR.