Texans confident Barwin will produce

Connor Barwin has no sacks. The Houston Texans have no concerns.

The weakside outside linebacker was a huge piece to the Texans’ rise to defensive prominence last season, with 11.5 quarterback takedowns.

Through three games, with the Texans playing very well, Barwin’s been shut out. End J.J. Watt has taken the lead in the defensive front production with 5.5.

But both defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and Watt says Barwin is playing just fine and will wind up posting a big sacks number.

“We’re playing pretty good on defense and he’s playing well,” said Phillips. “I think against the run he’s playing tremendously well. The passing game, we’ve played some guys -- (Peyton) Manning doesn’t get sacked. … And he’s played against some pretty good tackles -- Jake Long, (Eugene Monroe). So he’s rushing good. It’ll come for him.”

Said Watt: “He’ll get his sacks. He had four in one game last year. It’s just funny the way things happen. He’s playing good football. It’s just a matter of time.”