How AFC South QBs measure up

Let’s have a look at how the quarterbacks of the AFC South are faring in passer rating and QBR, shall we?

Passer rating maxes out at 158.3; QBR goes to 100. Here’s ESPN.com's QBR file.

For a game, QBR can be interpreted as a percentile, so a score of 80 means a QB’s performance was better than 80 percent of all QB games.

A reminder on Total QBR: It’s a quarterback rating that takes into account all of a QB’s significant contributions (passing, rushing, sacks, fumbles, penalties) to his team’s scoring and winning and summarizes them into one number on a 0-100 scale, where 50 is average. Since 2008, the team with the higher QBR has won 86 percent of the time.

What strikes me this week is Gabbert's low ranking.

I came into the season saying if he could be just average, the Jaguars could challenge .500. But he's 29th in passer rating and 24th in QBR -- numbers that are far from average.

The 16th guy in passer rating is Arizona's Kevin Kolb at 89.7 -- 16.4 points ahead of Gabbert. The 16th guy in QBR is Philip Rivers at 61.8 -- 19.5 points ahead of Gabbert.

There are a lot of reasons the Jaguars aren't any good. There are a lot of reasons Gabbert isn't playing very well, and we've talked about how receivers and protection remain issues.

But ultimately, quarterback production is quarterback production.