More good news for Pagano: Remission

More good news for Colts coach Chuck Pagano.

Per Shari Rudavsky of the Indianapolis Star: “[I]n medical-speak Pagano can now be considered in remission, said his oncologist, Dr. Larry Cripe, an associate professor of medicine at the IU Health Simon Cancer Center.”

That doesn’t mean his treatment is over or he’s cured, however.

Three rounds of chemotherapy are standard.

“We need to keep going and we will not be able to use the word 'cure' for four or five years,” Cripe said

Still, given a choice between remission or not right now, Pagano, his family and his team have to be thrilled with the latest news.

His story is getting more attention than ever thanks to his postgame speech to the team going viral. If you are the person who hasn’t seen it yet, head here.