Mike Munchak raves about Jake Locker

Tennessee coach Mike Munchak’s chat on "Mike & Mike in the Morning" Tuesday included some good stuff on owner Bud Adams’ call out of the team after the Titans' loss to the Bears and the big bounce-back win in Miami.

The Titans coach talked about how big it was to get Jake Locker back in the lineup, saying the team had really missed him and praising the energy he brought the offense.

“He converted probably three of four third downs with his legs, you know how frustrating that can be for a defense,” he said. “There were times when Miami called the perfect defense, had things covered on some third-and-2s, third-and-3s, he made some great plays for us. … These guys, I think, are excited to have him in there, so we’ll see how he develops these last six games.”

You can hear the whole interview here.