Watt is tops in disrupted dropbacks

How can we compare the impact players at different positions are having for a defense?

That’s a question some of the gang at ESPN Stats and Info were considering as they came up with “disruption percentage.”

Basically, it’s a stat created to make apples-to-oranges comparisons on the impact defenders at different positions in different schemes have against passing games. Want to know how a 3-4 end and a cover-2 corner are influencing passing games? This can help.

And Houston defensive end J.J. Watt measures out almost 50 percent better than anyone else in the statistic.

Watt has disrupted 27.5 plays, 6.02 percent of the dropbacks he’s played against. Chicago cornerback Tim Jennings is second at 19 and 4.18 percent.

A disrupted dropback is a sack, pass defended (including batted down at the line) or interception.

John Parolin, who created the stat, left out putting a quarterback under duress or getting a hit on him because a positive play can still come out of such situations.

It’s not a revolutionary concept. But it’s a nice supplement that we may use down the line in making the case for Watt as defensive player of the year, if he plays as well in his final five games as he has in his first 11.