AFC South: First-round picks and priorities

The draft order is set for all but the final four teams in the NFL, and you'll find it below.

Here's a quick initial run-through of where our teams will draft and what ranks as their primary needs. Free agency could alter the draft needs, of course.

No. 2 -- Jacksonville Jaguars

It's hard, seriously, to point to a spot and say they're fine. Blaine Gabbert is not likely the answer at quarterback and same for Chad Henne, so that's priority one. The offensive line is a mess and needs to be better for whomever is the signal-caller. A dynamic pass rusher could help the defense at every level and has been a need for quite some time.

No. 10 -- Tennessee Titans

The interior offensive line is a huge issue and the Titans have admitted they need to rebuild it. While Michael Griffin is signed up for the long-haul, they have to find a quality safety to play beside him who can help settle the secondary. Consistent pass rush remains an issue and another end is needed.

No. 24 -- Indianapolis Colts

Another team with offensive line at the head of the list. Andrew Luck needs better protection and the run-game needs more consistent holes. Cornerback is a big-time void after Vontae Davis. They need an outside linebacker, Dwight Freeney who will be gone and they need an upgrade for Tom Zbikowski at safety.

No. 27 -- Houston Texans

The right side of the offensive line had two platoon situations with players who were not good enough. They need at least one quality starter for those two positions. They could use a dynamic wide receiver to supplement Andre Johnson and a pass-rusher to help supplement J.J. Watt. Secondary depth can be upgraded.