Pondering Revis and the AFC South

The image we have of Darrelle Revis and the image most GMs have of him are, I bet, divergent.

We think of one of the very best cover corners in the game. They see a guy with a rebuilt knee who’s got an uncertain future.

The Jets have floated the idea that they are open totrading Revis.

Fans of every team in need of cornerback help immediately wonder if their GM might make a deal for him.

The Texans need to play better pass defense, they’ve got three quality cornerbacks. I know the Titans were horrible defensively, but I see why they like their top three cornerbacks.

Big moves by those two teams are unlikely to address cornerback.

But the Colts desperately need to upgrade at corner, and the Jaguars are going to need help there, too.

Indianapolis already made its deal for a veteran corner, dealing its 2013 second-rounder to Miami for Vontae Davis, who was playing well after settling in and fighting through injuries.

And under new leadership, I can’t see the Jaguars giving up draft picks for a guy who would be getting old in three years, when the youth they are about to bring in would probably be ready to contend.

If the Jets want to deal Revis for Maurice Jones-Drew and a low-round pick, then sure, Jacksonville should make the move.

But an aging running back coming off a serious foot injury and surgery to repair it, with just one year left on his deal, wouldn’t provide the Jets with any sort of long-term solution at running back.

It’s always exciting to speculate about trade possibilities when we learn that a big name could be available.

Often teams overvalue draft picks when considering a move that would bring back a proven entity. Such deals don't happen enough.

If Revis was healthy, I’d have a different stance here. A new team couldn’t project how someone else’s player will come back from an injury that might render him a lesser player. It would be pretty dangerous to acquire him.