Andrew Luck chats with Alec Baldwin

I wanted to learn something from Andrew Luck in this interview.

Alec Baldwin wouldn’t let me.

The actor did a ton of interrupting in “Here’s the Thing,” his radio interview program on WYNC.

That and Baldwin’s lack of understanding of things like redshirting, the scouting combine and how the Colts 2012 season ended meant that Luck had to waste time on the elemental here. Also we have to hear about Baldwin’s pickup football playing.

And even when Luck gets to a good topic, say Ed Reed, he couldn’t really say all he might have been willing to say because the stop signs kept flying up.

Alec Baldwin: Who drove you nuts this season in the defensive backfield? What team drove you insane?

Andrew Luck: Ed Reed on the Baltimore Ravens.

Alec Baldwin: The Ravens.

Andrew Luck: Yeah. 'Cause they -- you're taught there's a structure to defense. If one guy's blitzing, someone else should be covering his spot.

Alec Baldwin: Sure.

Andrew Luck: If you're playing cover three, you three guys dividing the field in a third --

Alec Baldwin: There's a consequence to everything they do.

Andrew Luck: Yeah -- then you should have a corner on the right, a safety in the middle of the field, and another corner on the left. Ed Reed -- he's everywhere; he's down on the box, he's on the line of scrimmage, he's running -- he's responsible for the middle zone, and he's all the way over in you know --

Alec Baldwin: He's a warlock.

Andrew Luck: Yeah he's a renegade, but he does it, I think, because he understands football so well and studies the offense. He says, 'OK I know when they're in this formation there's these five --'

Alec Baldwin: And that's an innate skill people have. It's like a God-given skill they have.

Andrew Luck: I think it is, but I also think he works at it and watches film --

Alec Baldwin: Sure. Both.

A few other things of interest:

This line from Luck is worth noting: "And at least once a week it seems like you're watching film and you stop and say, 'How did that person do that? There's no hope for me in this league.'"

He cited Steve McNair, along with Peyton Manning, as the quarterback he grew up admiring. Luck’s a Houston guy who was an AFC South fan before he joined the division.

He went to the Sundance Film Festival after the loss to the Ravens to get his mind off of things and get away.

If you'd rather glance at a transcript than listen to the audio, head here.