Video: VY still rehashing Titans time

How does rehashing everything that went bad in five years with the Titans help Vince Young?

While I understand that Young would want to visit with one of his super-fans in Skip Bayless, I see no way that appearing on "First Take" and spending nearly 10 minutes rehashing ancient history helps improve Young's chance to re-emerge in the NFL.

Bayless and Stephen A. Smith seem to think Young can still play. The rest of us realize 32 teams disagree, right?

Young says his issues are in the past. But once three teams have decided you can't help them and you're out of the league, it takes a special kind of guy to resurface. And NFL people clearly don't find him that special kind of guy.

I'm glad he's focused on moving forward. It sure seems like that move, if it's a football move, should be to Canada.