The AFC South in Kiper's new mock

Mel Kiper’s new mock draftInsider is out, and I can share with you a look at the AFC South.

2) Jacksonville Jaguars

Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU

Kiper says: "The Jaguars have been saddled with a deficient pass rush for years now, and I think they will take advantage of the opportunity to take a high-ceiling 4-3 defensive end who, yes, needs some development, but should still give them impact in 2013."

My reaction: Ansah’s combination of size and athleticism draws comparison to Jason Pierre-Paul. For a team that’s had an anemic pass rush for years, the idea of a Pierre-Paul has to be delicious.

10) Tennessee Titans

Chance Warmack, G, Alabama

Kiper says: “Adding Warmack simply provides an immediate upgrade on the interior of your offensive line. One of the more dominating run blockers to enter the draft in years, Warmack is what I'd call a 'no excuses' addition to your team. If your running back isn't better running behind Warmack, it might be time for a new back."

My reaction: I’m on board with this pick, and have been since we knew the Titans would be in this slot.

24) Indianapolis Colts

Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

Kiper says: “If the value on the offensive line isn't there, I think Rhodes makes a lot of sense. The Colts were active in free agency, adding help in a handful of spots, but Rhodes has the chance to be the best cornerback on the roster after he gets a little seasoning.”

My reaction: If Rhodes is judged to be worth the pick by Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano, I’d be all for a corner at this spot. It’s a spot that remains a primary concern.

27) Houston Texans

Robert Woods, WR, USC

Kiper says: “The Texans need to find a reliable route-runner who can create space both underneath and down the field in their scheme, which offers a steady diet of play-action passes and demands that receivers can set up defenders. Woods has extremely reliable hands and is underrated in his ability to stretch defenses over the top.”

My reaction: We’re all so certain it should be a wide receiver in this spot, we seemed destined to watch them take something else.