A peek at Insiders' draft guide for Jaguars

Insider draft guide files for AFC teams are out today at ESPN.com.

Here is a glimpse and a reaction for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Mel Kiper Jr. on what they must accomplish: "Forget getting a 'fix' at quarterback. The Jags must deal with the reality that there is no player in this class I can promise will be better in 2013 than (Blaine) Gabbert. It's just reality. That doesn't mean don't draft a QB, but at No. 2? No way. Instead, focus on big holes at corner and defensive end, where you can make clear upgrades in Round 1. I think cornerback is a huge need, but if they don't want to draft one at No. 2 based on value, go with defensive end. But get better at one of those spots. (Trading down isn't a bad idea, though a dance partner could be tough to find.)"

My reaction: I completely agree. They need the closest thing they can get to a sure thing at No. 2, and there is no sure-thing quarterback in this draft. With a long list of needs, fill a significant one with this pick to build a better team for down the road, when a better quarterback option will be available.

Check out the whole file hereInsider.