A peek at Insiders' draft guide for Texans

Insider draft guide files for AFC teams are out today at ESPN.com.

Here is a glimpse and a reaction for the Houston Texans:

Mel Kiper Jr. on what they must accomplish: "What they must accomplish: I know wide receiver is a huge need given Johnson's age, but in 2011 when the team was without both (Andre) Johnson and (Matt) Schaub (into the playoffs), the Texans were sustained by a defense that finished the season fourth in points per game allowed. Last season the Texans dropped to 10th, and this was even with (J.J.) Watt playing defense as well as it can be played. The Texans are going to find ways to run the ball and create play-action opportunities in coach Gary Kubiak's system. I think the draft will be successful if they get a wide receiver who can help right away, but it also will be successful if they feel they have a pass-rusher who can create pressure. I don't think they can assume the defense will improve, not when it's hard to imagine Watt playing better."

My reaction: It has become easy to obsess about wide receiver and they really need to spend the first-round pick on offense. But Kiper is on point here. If the defense can get back to the sort of pass-rush production it got two years ago, from a swarming group, not just Watt, things will improve for everyone.

For the full file, head hereInsider.