The games I want to be at ...

With some time to digest the schedule, I thought I'd make an initial run through the whole season.

If I had to tell my bosses in Bristol where I want to be every week of the season, this is the list I'd send now.

Things are fluid, of course. Results will change my wishes in some instances, and sometime the bosses have a thought on a weekend which creates a conversation about my destination or overrules my thinking.

Week 1

Kansas City at Jacksonville -- Gus Bradley's debut in a challenging, but winnable, game for the Jaguars.

Week 2

Tennessee at Houston -- Is Jake Locker getting off to a start that fosters confidence?

Week 3

Houston at Baltimore -- Ed Reed returns to Baltimore to face the team he played with for 11 seasons.

Week 4

Indianapolis at Jacksonville -- My first live look at Andrew Luck in Pep Hamilton's offense.

Week 5

Houston at San Francisco or Seattle at Indianapolis -- I'm withholding an opinion considering these both look to be great matchups. Something in the first month will sway me one way or the other, right?

Week 6

Indianapolis at San Diego ("MNF") -- Don't love the matchup. Do love the trip.

Week 7

Denver at Indianapolis -- Will be the most-hyped game of the season involving the AFC South. Hopefully Peyton Manning's return game lives up to it.

Week 8

San Francisco vs. Jacksonville -- While the Jaguars "host" the 49ers in London, the rest of the division has a bye week. I really should spend some time in England seeing how the Jaguars' attempt to take root there is going.

Week 9

Indianapolis at Houston -- Conceivably for the lead in the division just beyond the midway point of the season.

Week 10

Jacksonville at Tennessee -- How's the slow rebuild going for the Jaguars? Is Blaine Gabbert still the quarterback at this stage?

Week 11

Indianapolis at Tennessee (Thursday) -- If the Titans are making any sort of push for playoff contention, they're going to need to find a split with the Colts or Texans, if not both.

Week 12

Indianapolis at Arizona -- The Colts' defense works to stop the familiar offense of Bruce Arians.

Week 13

New England at Houston -- The Patriots took care of the Texans with ease in the regular season and playoffs in 2012. Has Houston gained any ground?

Week 14

Houston at Jacksonville (Thursday) -- Why does the league love this as a Thursday night game again?

Week 15

Houston at Indianapolis -- A rematch of the most important game between division teams.

Week 16

Denver at Houston -- A year ago, Peyton Manning was the only premier quarterback the Texans beat.

Week 17

Houston at Tennessee or Jacksonville at Indianapolis -- Which one has more playoff implications?