Stats on why the Texans need a WR

ESPN Stats & Information has taken a close look at some numbers that show off Houston's needs.

The inexperience of the team’s options at receiver beyond Andre Johnson is apparent to everyone. A high draft pick obviously won’t come with NFL experience.

But he will give the team its best potential opposite Johnson.

Per Stats and Info: The Texans were one of four teams in the NFL where their most-targeted receiver had more targets than all other receivers on the roster combined. The Lions, Chiefs and Bears were the others.

Johnson’s 158 targets made up 58.1 percent of Texans’ pass attempts to wide receivers, the highest rate in the league.

The Texans need to get the ball to Johnson a great deal. But there is a point at which it’s too much, and that would seem to be beyond that point.

There will be days when a defense can slow Johnson and they need better alternatives who won’t be a big drop-off for quarterback Matt Schaub.

Here’s Schaub last season throwing to wide receivers:

  • To Johnson: 70.9 completion percentage, 10.1 yards per attempt, 10 plays of 30 or more yards, 31.6 attempts per interception.

  • To all other wide receivers: 56.5 completion percentage, 7.6 yards per attempt, five plays of 30 or more yards, 21.6 attempts per interception.

The numbers are going to be better when you are talking about one of the league's best receivers. It's not healthy for them to be that much better.

Kevin Walter is gone. DeVier Posey is coming of a torn Achilles and won't be an option in the first part of the season.

Right now, the options after Johnson are Lestar Jean and Keshawn Martin. It's not close to enough.