Who's most likely to trade back?

Reports are flying about how many teams want to trade.

I’m always surprised how many fans seem to think a trade down is going to help fix their teams. Sure. You want the club you root for to be prudent while considering value.

If you have high slot, go get a great player with it. You need great players. Trade back to slots where you are less likely to get great players, and odds are good you’ll be in position again soon to draft great players.

If I’m the Jaguars at No. 2 or the Titans at No. 10, I’m staying put if I think there is a stud there. I only move back if I feel really wish-washy about my choices.

The Colts at No. 24 and the Texans at No. 27 are different. If they can get out, even at less than the value dictated by their charts, I wouldn’t complain. Ten spots later they can still get a player who can help them.

And their picks might be attractive if quarterbacks remain on the board.

Then teams high in the second round will be looking to come back into the first to stay ahead of the quarterback competition and get their man.

That’s my thinking at this stage, anyway.

Who do you think is the most likely team to trade back?