Denard Robinson: Offensive weapon?

Denard Robinson: Wide receiver?

Denard Robinson Running back?

Denard Robinson: Offensive weapon?

The Jaguars say they picked him as a running back and a kick returner, which may be the best places to put the former Michigan quarterback, who went to Jacksonville in the fifth round, 135th overall.

He’s a guy with plenty of football intangibles, and if they can find ways to get him on the field and he stays healthy, he could provide a jolt of production. If he’s used as backfield change-up to Maurice Jones-Drew, that would be quite a ying-yang combination in terms of power and quickness. (Justin Forsett is in the mix there, too.)

Scouts Inc. wrote him up as a receiver, but had great things to say about the intangibles he will bring with him to the NFL.

Don't mistake easy going manner with a lack of competiveness. Willing to do whatever it takes to help team whether that's taking a big hit or playing a different position in an effort to get the best players on the field. Made strides the week of the Senior Bowl (working as a receiver and returner) and didn't let one bad snap turn into two or three.