What's to come for Mr. Irrelevant

This year’s Irrelevant Week XXXVIII is tentatively set to kick off on June 18. It will honor the Indianapolis Colts’ Justice Cunningham, a tight end from South Carolina who was the 254th pick.

I’ve never really plugged into the fanfare of Mr. Irrelevant. It just seems goofy to me to spend a bunch of time celebrating the last pick in the draft, who’s typically a long shot to make his team.

Today, Doug Williams of ESPN Playbook changed my mind a bit by detailing the rationale for the whole deal: To treat the last as if he were first.

Mr. Irrelevant is treated like royalty, and basically gets what he wants.

Cunningham also is a new teammate with last year’s Mr. Irrelevant, Colts quarterback Chandler Harnish.

Writes Williams:

Because Cunningham has been to California only once -- without ever going near the water -- [Irrelevant Week CEO Melanie Salata] Fitch says he’ll get as much surfing, swimming and boating as he can handle.

“His favorite food is hot wings,” Fitch says. “Hot, hot wings. So he will be provided with several servings of them throughout the week.”