Petition for Tebow to Jaguars is laughable

Even as they've drawn attention to their desire for the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign Tim Tebow, whoever created a petition to try to get the team's attention is failing miserably.

The petition actually asks President Barack Obama to:

"Call NFL Jacksonville Jaguars GM David Caldwell and tell him to stop ignoring the Jaguars fans and sign Tim Tebow!"

Yeah, that's what the president should be doing, meddling in the affairs of a sports team.

[Update: The petition has been taken down from the White House website. "The petition you are trying to access has been removed from the site under our Moderation Policy because it is in violation of our Terms of Participation."]

That's a relief.

Still, I feel super sorry for the bulk of die-hard Jaguars fans because I know there is not a widespread desire for the team to sign Tebow.

I know they heard general manager David Caldwell, on the day he was introduced, say it wasn't going to happen.

I know they like Caldwell, like the coach he hired, Gus Bradley, and feel like the two men have the team moving in the right direction after a long drought.

Yet they turn on "SportsCenter" and hear a conversation about a petition that wants 100,000 "signatures" and has, at the time I'm writing this, 280.

Yes, we're making noise and giving attention to 280 people.

For that, I apologize.