Titans wasted Wednesday splitting QB reps

Posted by ESPN.com’s Paul Kuharsky

Why split practice reps Wednesday between Kerry Collins and Vince Young only to have Young start Sunday against Jacksonville?

Perhaps Jeff Fisher was making one last-ditch effort to convince owner Bud Adams, who called for Young, to reconsider.

But even in that scenario, Fisher had to know it was likely to be Young.

And then the most important thing became getting Young as ready as possible. And it’s not the best way possible to get him ready to give him just half the practice work on the first of three full practice days.

Fisher likes to hide behind “competitive advantage” on such matters and needed to spend time making it appear this was an organizational decision rather than one from above.

It says here he put himself at a competitive disadvantage by denying Young what amounts to one-sixth of the preparation time he could have had to get ready for the Jags.

What’s more important: keeping your opponent, who is already preparing for the possibility of either quarterback, in the dark for an extra day or going about your business to have your people ready?