Yes, you can support a Bum Phillips opera

I cannot do anything better with this than what Stephanie Stradley did here at her Houston Chronicle Texans blog:

Last April, online fan support helped create the Bum Phillips Opera. Now we need to kick the door down with some more money to get it produced.

The world premiere of the opera is scheduled for March 2014 in New York City. The people putting it together are from Texas, and want to find a partner in Houston to get it here as well. (Let me know if you are someone who can make this happen).

But first things first.

To produce this show, they need to raise $20,000 by the end of the month. With this seed money, it makes them eligible for additional grants. They’ve raised $950 so far.

Here’s the link to donate money to the Bum Phillips Opera. The way that the USA Projects website works is you don’t pay unless it is funded by the deadline. All the proceeds go to the production with no fees taken out. And the donation is tax deductible. Very easy site to use.

Yes, Bum Phillips as the subject of an opera that could see the stage. How many Texans would make a trip to New York to see that? How many New Yorkers who remember the Love Ya Blue Houston Oilers would see it? How many fans of opera versus fans of football? How many people rank as fans of both?

If it doesn't get the financing it needs, these and other crucial questions -- like how a Wade Phillips character will sing, and about what -- could go unanswered.