Edwards loves some AFC South coaches

Herm Edwards loves three guys coaching in the AFC South.

The former Jets and Chiefs coach, now an ESPN analyst, authored this pieceInsider in which he lists five coaches or coordinators he regards as up-and-comers.

Three of his five are from our division: Colts coach Chuck Pagano, Jaguars coach Gus Bradley and Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton.

A bit of what he says about each:

Pagano: “Once he gets a couple more pieces for his 3-4 defense, this team is going to be very good. Chuck has 11 years of NFL experience on the defensive side of the football, and another 14 at the college level. The Colts are going to be set for the future with Chuck on the sideline and Andrew Luck under center.”

Bradley: “A loose coach, the players love to play for Bradley and he has fun with them. It's easier to be loose when you're winning, but I expect him to be able to make great strides in Jacksonville -- if he's given the opportunity.”

Hamilton: “Pep should continue to run a lot of two-tight end sets, with some added protection to keep Luck upright. Don't be surprised if Pep has a head coaching job in a couple years.”